China best Nmrv075 Worm Gearboxes for Chemical Machinery gearbox engine

Product Description

NMRV/NRV Series Worm and Gear Motor
NMRV Series High Quality Worm Gear Motor contains worm gear reducer and motor(Including 3 phrese AC motor,single AC motor,DC servo motor and DC PM motor).The square aluminum gearbox is manufactured based on GB157188 cylindrical gear parameter.During the process, many advanced technologies are adopted.So it has compact structure, good appearance and excellent heatsink when runing.
This series motor has the following characteristics:smooth running, low noise, large transmission ratio and strange loadcapacity and it may match with different kinds of motors for realizing speed adjustment.
Working principle
High quality ac 230v hollow shaft worm gear motor is used to transfer rotation and torque from motor to working machine,the function is to decrease speed by gears and increase torque
Design characteristics
1:Use low-carbon Aluminium Alloy cementation processing completely.
2:High precision on gear and gear shaft.
3:Small volume with big torque.
Model & Mark :NMRV 075-50 E F1 AZ B3

NMRV NMRV means hole input with flange NRV means shaft input without flange
075 Distance between the centers of worm and worm gear
50 Speed ratio of worm gear speed reducer
E “E” means double extension worm shaft, no mark means single extension worm shaft
F1 “F” means output flange, “FL” means high output flange,no mark means output without flange
AZ “AZ”means bidirectional output shaft, “GZ”means unilateral output shaft and no mark means hole output
B3 Installation position code

Motor power  Model speed ratio output speed output toruqe
0.25kw 1400rpm NMRV075 60 24rpm 68.0N.M
NMRV075 80 18rpm 80.0N.M
NMRV075 100 14rpm 94.0N.M
0.37kw 1400rpm NMRV075 40 35rpm 74.0N.M
NMRV075 50 28rpm 88.0N.M
NMRV075 60 24rpm 97.0N.M
NMRV075 80 18rpm 119.0N.M
NMRV075 100 14rpm 139.0N.M
0.55kw 1400rpm NMRV075 25 56rpm 76.0N.M
NMRV075 30 47rpm 87.0N.M
NMRV075 40 35rpm 108.0N.M
NMRV075 50 28rpm 128.0N.M
NMRV075 60 24rpm 144.0N.M
NMRV075 80 18rpm 177.0N.M
NMRV075 100 14rpm 206.0N.M
0.75kw 1400rpm NMRV075 15 94rpm 66.0N.M
NMRV075 20 70rpm 85.0N.M
NMRV075 25 56rpm 101.0N.M
NMRV075 30 47rpm 117.0N.M
NMRV075 40 35rpm 147.0N.M
NMRV075 50 28rpm 174.0N.M
NMRV075 60 24rpm 196.0N.M
NMRV075 80 18rpm 250.0N.M
1.1kw 1400rpm NMRV075 10 140rpm 66.0N.M
NMRV075 15 94rpm 95.0N.M
NMRV075 20 70rpm 122.0N.M
NMRV075 25 56rpm 148.0N.M
NMRV075 30 47rpm 171.0N.M
NMRV075 40 35rpm 216.0N.M
NMRV075 50 28rpm 263.0N.M
NMRV075 60 24rpm 297.0N.M
1.5kw 1400rpm NMRV075 7.5 186rpm 68.0N.M
NMRV075 10 140rpm 89.0N.M
NMRV075 15  94rpm 129.0N.M
NMRV075 20  70rpm 166.0N.M
NMRV075 25  56rpm 202.0N.M
NMRV075 30  47rpm 233.0N.M
NMRV075 40 35rpm 299.0N.M
2.2kw 1400rpm NMRV075 7.5 186rpm 99.0N.M
NMRV075 10 140rpm 131.0N.M
NMRV075 15  94rpm 189.0N.M
NMRV075 20  70rpm 249.0N.M
NMRV075 25  56rpm 304.0N.M
NMRV075 30  47rpm 247.0N.M
3.0kw 1400rpm NMRV075 7.5 186rpm 135.0N.M
NMRV075 10 140rpm 178.0N.M
NMRV075 15  94rpm 258.0N.M
4.0kw 1400rpm NMRV075 7.5 186rpm 180.0N.M
NMRV075 10 140rpm 237.0N.M

Notice for ordering:
1) when ordering,please refer to the details of the products and tell us the exact type your need according to your requirements,like input speed,output torque,configuration,installation,etc:the installation position of the products in the order should accord with your actual needs,otherwise, it will result in oil leakage, which will impact the serving life of the products negatively.if there is special requirement to the installation position,please stress it and inform us.

2) to attain the excellent state of the variators, the common working speed should be chosen in the middle position,instead,it ismot appropriate to choose in the positions of min,or max.speed

3) if your requirements of worm gearbox or speed variator are different from shte standard products as in the catalogue,like:some portion that should be customized or mounted with special motors,please inform us in advance


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Machinery, Industry
Hardness: Hardened
Type: Worm and Wormwheel


Customized Request

worm gearbox

Is it Possible to Reverse the Direction of a Worm Gearbox?

Yes, it is possible to reverse the direction of a worm gearbox by changing the orientation of either the input or output shaft. However, reversing the direction of a worm gearbox can have some implications that need to be considered:

  • Efficiency: Reversing the direction of a worm gearbox can potentially affect its efficiency. Worm gearboxes are typically more efficient in one direction of rotation due to the design of the worm and worm wheel.
  • Backlash: Reversing the direction of rotation might lead to increased backlash or play in the gearbox, which can impact precision and smooth operation.
  • Lubrication: Depending on the gearbox’s design, reversing the direction could affect lubrication distribution and lead to uneven wear on the gear teeth.
  • Load: Reversing the direction might also impact the gearbox’s load-carrying capacity, especially if it’s designed for predominantly one-way operation.
  • Noise and Vibration: Direction reversal can sometimes result in increased noise and vibration due to changes in gear engagement and meshing behavior.

If you need to reverse the direction of a worm gearbox, it’s advisable to consult the gearbox manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations. They can provide insights into whether the specific gearbox model is suitable for reversible operation and any precautions or adjustments needed to ensure proper functioning.

worm gearbox

Materials Used for Worm Gears

Worm gears are manufactured using a variety of materials to meet different application requirements. Some commonly used materials for worm gears include:

  • Steel: Steel is a popular choice for worm gears due to its strength, durability, and wear resistance. It can handle heavy loads and is often used in industrial applications.
  • Bronze: Bronze offers good lubricity and is commonly used for the worm gear (worm) component. It provides effective wear resistance and works well in applications where quiet operation is essential.
  • Cast Iron: Cast iron is known for its high strength and durability. It’s often used for worm gears in applications where shock loads or heavy-duty conditions are expected.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum worm gears are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for applications where weight reduction is important.
  • Plastic: Some worm gears are made from plastic materials such as nylon or acetal. These materials are often chosen for their self-lubricating properties and quiet operation.
  • Composite Materials: Composite materials can offer a combination of properties, such as lightweight construction and corrosion resistance. They can be suitable for specific applications.

The choice of material depends on factors such as the application’s load, speed, operating environment, and required performance characteristics. It’s important to consider these factors when selecting the appropriate material for worm gears to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

worm gearbox

Can a Worm Gearbox Provide High Torque Output?

Yes, a worm gearbox is capable of providing high torque output due to its unique design and principle of operation. Worm gears are known for their high torque multiplication capabilities, making them suitable for applications that require significant torque transfer.

The torque output of a worm gearbox is influenced by several factors:

  • Lead Angle: The lead angle of the worm affects the mechanical advantage of the gear system. A larger lead angle can result in higher torque output.
  • Worm Diameter: A larger diameter worm can offer increased torque output as it provides more contact area with the gear.
  • Gear Ratio: The gear ratio between the worm and the gear determines the torque multiplication factor. A higher gear ratio leads to higher torque output.
  • Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential to minimize friction and ensure efficient torque transmission.
  • Material and Quality: High-quality materials and precision manufacturing contribute to the gearbox’s ability to handle high torque loads.

Due to their ability to provide high torque output in a compact form factor, worm gearboxes are commonly used in various industrial applications, including heavy machinery, construction equipment, conveyor systems, and more.

China best Nmrv075 Worm Gearboxes for Chemical Machinery   gearbox engineChina best Nmrv075 Worm Gearboxes for Chemical Machinery   gearbox engine
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